From Confusion to Confidence in Your Business

Stop stressing about ‘Finding Clients’. Learn to confidently attract them to you, so that you can easily make money by being yourself.

I help you get clear on exactly:

  1. What you Offer
  2. Who it’s for
  3. How to talk about it

So that clients are attracted to you.

Then we set it up so you can Attract Clients whenever you want. 

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“I want to quit”

That’s what my client told me on our second session.

She didn’t want to quit her sessions with me.

She wanted to quit her entire business. Not pivot or anything, just quit everything.

*Spoiler Alert* By the end of the call she had an action plan to change what was holding her back, plus renewed enthusiasm for her business.


But what if I hadn’t been there? What if she hadn’t had me to talk to? 

Just so you know, I wasn’t worried about losing a client here.

If she genuinely wanted to close up shop, then that was totally okay.

I didn’t have to worry about paying my bills etc. But, since 2 weeks earlier she’d told me she absolutely wanted to succeed at building a business and she needed my help, I felt like this was a crossroads in her life and that I was here to help.


Let’s rewind a bit and find out what was going on with this amazing lady.


My immediate reply was ‘Why? What’s going on?’ 

And she told me ‘I haven’t made any progress’

‘But, it’s only been two weeks’ I replied

Then she told me about all the other times she’d tried to start her dream business.

And it had been many times over the last couple of decades.

As far as she was concerned she’d failed so many times. And she hadn’t done anything in the last two weeks. So it was time to give up.

‘Is that really true?’ I replied ‘Have you really made zero progress? Why don’t you tell me, what have you done this week’

Turns out that despite her 6 day a week, 14 hours a day job, she had managed to take small steps to reduce her expenses.


That was PROGRESS!


Sometimes it’s the tiniest of steps we have to take in order to move towards our dream. 

And, it can be all too easy to focus on the 500 things that didn’t get done, and feel like a failure.

Rather than celebrating the small successes along the way.

The problem with focusing on the Not Done List is, it leaves you feeling terrible.

Want to know what happens when you feel terrible? 

Other than questionable food and alcohol choices, usually you don’t feel like working on your business. 

Perhaps, you might spend more time on Netflix or Youtube.

You definitely won’t be creating anything to help anyone. 

Talking to people about your business? That won’t be happening either. 

Ultimately, you won’t be moving forward towards your dream life.


But what if we flipped it?


 What if there was a way to feel good about the tiniest bit of progress every week.

What if, after a whole year, those small steps forward added up to something truly amazing?

Because, believe me, that time is going to pass anyway.

Why spend it miserably focusing on all the things you haven’t done this week.

What if you had someone there to help you stop feeling like a failure and actually move forward to building your dream life and help you attract clients.

Someone who can help you create a plan and teach you how to make your own decisions in your business. 

Imagine, not jumping around from guru to guru, but understanding the fundamentals required for your business and being able to become the leader in your industry.


What if you could finally get on a call with a potential client without stress and have them say ‘Yes! I want to work with you’ 

What if you knew you were finally on the path to the business and life of your dreams.

You know, those dreams you barely let yourself think about because they seem so far away.

Like retiring a partner, or having control over your schedule, or being able to tell your boss ‘Here’s my 2 weeks notice’.

Let’s meet up and see about getting you a plan to move down that path. 

It’s even better than the yellow brick road… 😀

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