Systems are Sexy! If you’re creative like me, I know the word ‘System’ might make you run for the hills…

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But Systems saved my butt on many an occasion. Plus they allowed me to go Zero income to thousands per month.

They actually allowed me to be more creative… (ikr!?!)

The thing is I am creative but sometimes terrible at priorities and what I should be working on.

But when I created some simple routines like ‘The last week of every month is content creation month’ or ‘Once a week I look at my figures’

It just saved me soooo much!! It finally meant that the right things could get done at the right time and when it was time to be creative I could fully immerse myself in that feeling without the stress and worry of ‘but what about that stuff my bookkeeper needs’

I know that will get done when it needs to.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on systems? Do you have any? Are the right things getting done at the right time in your business?

Share your ideas below so we can all grow as a community.

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