Zero Clients. Zero Sales for Your Online Course. Can there be anything worse?

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Especially, if you’ve been doing all the time in the online groups, all the social media posts…

Weren’t you doing what they told you to do?

Well, here’s an interesting way to get more clients…

Running an online event or launch.

I just ran one recently to a small group and suddenly I had client calls booked and people saying ‘Yes!!’ to working with me.

Because, people could see the amazing value I offer. It was easier for them to see what working with me would be like.

Also, quick side note: my launch wasn’t stressful, it was fun and it wasn’t expensive!

In this week’s video, i’m talking about 4 reasons why launching is a great way to attract potential clients (or online course participants).

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on launching? Scary or willing to try it out?? Let me know below.

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