Sales Pages are like Love letters…I know it’s a crazy idea but stick with me on this…

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First up, people buy based on emotion and justify with logic.

Which means we need to connect with our ideal clients on an emotional level.

Usually, when creating a sales page every instinct will tell you ‘How do I get people to buy’

It’s a natural reaction, it’s a sales page, right?

This approach tends to take us away from the emotions and into a whole zone of it’s all about me..

Me, me, me. Buy my stuff.

You know who gets lost in that? The people you are trying to help.

Your ideal clients will sense something missing and they won’t connect with you or what you’re talking about and then zero sales will follow.

When I’ve been creating sales pages for myself and my clients, I’ve had much better results when I move into the love zone.

Now that’s not a cheesy motel…

It’s a state of mind, where you ask yourself ‘How can I get someone to see this is their ideal solution’

That this is designed especially to help them solve a problem or achieve a desire.

We have to empathize with our ideal clients and then show them an amazing solution.

To do that, you need to tap into a zone of love and caring when writing a sales page.

Because it’s not about selling… it’s about helping people.

And helping them realize you have their dream solution.

In your course, coaching or services.

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