If you’re an introvert like me, the idea of sales conversations can be truly terrifying.

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It certainly was for me.

I’d start thinking about how i had to be amazing and impress this person just so they would work with me.

As an introvert, there is nothing worse than being stuck in your own head and overthinking all the possible things people could find wrong with you.

All the reasons they might say No.

This is some dangerous territory to be in.

Do you know what helped me flip it all around…

Realizing that sales is actually not about me!!

It’s about the potential client… listening to them and presenting a solution.

The minute we get to focus on someone else – that’s when the nerves go away and I step into my comfort zone.

And potential clients know it and respond accordingly.

Are you looking for useful tips for introverts on sales calls?

Well then you might want to check out this week’s video as I dive in deeper to help you out.

Now, I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on sales calls if you’re an introvert? What weird things go through your head? Let me know below.

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