Thinking about growing your email list with a quiz but not sure how to build one?

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Well, this week is the perfect time to answer that question with my step by step instruction video.

Quizzes are a very effective way to build your email list. People love quizzes and they love to share them as well.

The take a little extra time to create, but once done, the results are well worth it.

In today’s video, I dive into Leadquizzes and show you how to create a quiz you can use as an Opt-in to grow your email list.

Even if you are considering other software options, this video is worth checking out so you know what to expect.

Leadquizzes is the option that I’ve used for client work, so it’s where I started, but it’s not the only option. 

In coming weeks, I’ll be trying out some other options, so stay tuned.

Now let me know below, have you thought about creating an online quiz? Do you have a favorite quiz program? 

Tell me so I can take a look at some other options for you.