If you haven’t come across this practice. This can be a fun way to choose one word as your guide for the year ahead. A tiny piece of motivation (so to speak).

In other years, I’ve chosen ‘Focus’ and ‘Brave’ (that I can remember).

You might be wondering why I chose Adventure as my word for the year?

For starters, it was the first word that popped into my head and like an annoying song, I couldn’t shake it.

Then I realised, I do want to be more adventurous this year.

I gotta be honest, I don’t mean jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and the like

But, equally as scary, getting out of my comfort zone. In life and business.

  1. I’m going to treat my business like an exciting adventure. Even writing those words gives it a different energy.

It makes it fun and exciting. Not full of stress and worry.

Less Stress this year!!

  1. I’m going to move outside my comfort zone

I have plans to scale my business. I’m going to try new things and I’m stopping the 12 hour work days.

I’m going to stop looking for the quick win and focus even more on the long game.

That means saying ‘No’ to even more things.

Argh that word.. ‘No’ so powerful, somewhat scary, too.

Here begins my epic tales of adventures in life and business.

So tell me, if you had to pick one word for your year ahead, what would it be?

Is my word totally weird? Did it make you laugh? Let me know below.

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