Are you following some ‘Guru’ who told you the only way to promote your business is their way… but it doesn’t quite fit who you are? 😕⁠

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You’re trying to follow all the tips, all the strategies but it’s not clicking…⁠

I’ve definitely been there…⁠

That’s what I find with a lot of marketing gurus – they get one strategy to work and it’s the only one they know how to use…⁠

If it doesn’t work for you – they can’t help you…⁠

I had a coach once tell me ‘I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you – it works for me, it works for everyone else…’⁠

Not very helpful!⁠

I eventually found my own way – everything finally clicked – but it taught me the very real power of having a marketing strategy that fits your personality…⁠

That’s why I’m so keen to make sure my clients and my membership members have this very same ah-ha moment…⁠

Finding a strategy that clicks with who you are – it takes so much of the stress out of promoting your business…⁠

Clients and customers pick up on your new self – the more relaxed, confidant and best self. ⁠

And then, they can’t wait to buy from you.⁠

That’s why it’s so important!⁠

So, now I ask you, does your marketing strategy fit your personality? Let me know below. ⁠

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