Launching something in your business doesn’t have to be expensive! (I have some amazing stories for you, stick around)

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For the longest time, I avoided launching because I thought it was super expensive.

When you look at some people, they have big teams, tonnes of money for facebook ads etc

But, not everyone is at that stage and yet, you can launch without all the extra expense.

Let me tell you about Tracy & Jess from Hardwired for Health.

They are clients of mine who had a growing facebook group of fans and it had about 300 people when we started to launch.

The launch consisted of strategic targeted posts in the weeks leading up to the big challenge week.

Plus, an amazing even experience in the form of a challenge week.

And it blew people’s minds and let them know what Tracy & Jess had to offer.

There wasn’t a big team or thousands spent on ads or software.

In fact, we did the test run launch, to work out the kinks and see how it would go.

There was no stress about ‘we have to get sales’ it was all ‘let’s have fun while trying this out’

And you know what, people signed up and purchased!

The test run worked! Now we know we have a system and we can apply it again and make it better.

It didn’t require a big team, a tonne of money or stressful launch stuff.

It was fun, for them and their participants and it led to sales!

And we can’t wait to repeat it and make it better.

If you’re interested in a fun, easier way to launch that doesn’t require a bank heist to afford, then message me to find out more.

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