I was helping some of my amazing clients this week and this question came up.

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Let me start from the beginning…

My clients are an amazing duo doing something unique in the health coaching space. 

They actually help women train their brains to make being healthy as natural as breathing (my words not theirs)

We all know the things we’re supposed to do for our health…

But so many of us still get stuck, am I right?

So these ladies have something unique that can really help people.

The problem was, their opt-in idea was the same as what thousands of other health coaches would be offering.

Their signature approach was being lost.

They wouldn’t be remembered.

So we brainstormed something amazing instead. 

It’s still being developed but if you want to find out more – check them out over at Hardwired for Health [https://www.facebook.com/groups/394680181240520/]

So now, let me ask you? Will your Opt-in be remembered? Do your subscribers know what makes you unique? Let me know below

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