I discuss smashing through that block that is stopping you from even starting that next big project, maybe even your entire business.

This is episode 1 of my podcast: Musings of a Girl Creative.

This podcast will be a behind the scenes look at my business. It will be the thoughts and struggles I have as a creative entrepreneur with a Video & Photography startup business.

Don’t worry – it won’t be a whinge fest – there will be plenty of tips from what I’ve learned to help you avoid the traps I fell into as I am starting my business.

I’m using the Anchor app to record and it is being syndicated to iTunes, Stitcher and a range of other podcast-y like places.

A quick heads up – this is all about doing and not over-thinking. It is FAR from perfect. In fact this first episode is pretty FAR from even okay – but it’s out there and it might help someone feel less alone in this online entrepreneurial space.

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