Why is it so hard to write about my own failures? Even though I firmly believe that every failure helps me move towards my success?

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I had a coach once who told me never to share my failures, that people don’t hire people who fail.

Apparently, I’m supposed to keep all of that under wraps and pretend like I have all the answers, all the time.

Let’s just say, following that advice, not being myself – led to the worst performing launch I’ve ever had online.

And I realized that Pretending that Failures don’t happen in business is total BS!

Failure & Things not working is essential to discovering what does work…

Do you think we launched rockets into space the very first time we created one?

What about the first plane? The first lightbulb?

And yet, there is this whole thing in online business that success happens overnight and if you’re not finding it then it’s all about how you’re not doing it right.

Like there’s something wrong with you because you didn’t get Sales in 6 weeks, or leave your 9-5 job in 6 months…

It’s total BS! And it’s the reason why I changed my attitude to my business and how I help my clients with their launches.

With my clients right now, we don’t just plan the perfect launch in 3 months, we actually plan 2 launches while we work together.

Don’t get stressed at that idea, it actually takes so much of the pressure off – the first launch is the test run…

It helps work out the kinks, helps you practice talking about your offer, and it helps you find more objections in your audience.

The goal isn’t Sales the first time around (although it usually happens anyway), the goal is to have fun and work out the kinks…

So that when we repeat the launch a few weeks later, bam it’s so much better and the results escalate..

Do you know how much fun a launch is when you don’t have to stress about Sales, but can actually focus on providing an amazing experience for your audience?

And, do you know how people respond when you have fun? They see your passion for what you do… not the stress of ‘holy heck I have to sell’

Cause let me tell you, that stress just repels potential clients or course participants.

I have to say business becomes much more enjoyable when there’s room for failure, learning and improvement…

It enables you to put out something imperfect and learn from it… rather than taking all the time to perfect something that people don’t even want.

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you believe Failure is essential? What do you think of the ‘Test Run Launch’ idea?

Let me know below.

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