If Not Now, When...?

It’s time to Stop Struggling to ‘Find Clients’ and learn how to attract them to you by being yourself…


Over the course of 12 weeks, we work through the following 6 modules to create a system of attracting clients that works for your personality and your lifestyle.

That’s right, this includes time for testing, time for implementation.

Time to feel confident as you create a flourishing business.

At the end you’ll have a complete client attraction system including:

  • Personalized Client Attraction Blueprint: 

    • With everything you need to create content to attract clients and help you stand out in a crowded market
  • An Effective Opt-in to grow your email list of potential customers

    • This will be fully tested. It may take 2-3 tries to get this right
  • A complete Client Attraction System that suits your personality

    • Including assistance in setting up the technical side
    • So that potential clients can find out about you and sign up to book a free call or a paid session
    • Don’t want to do live video? That’s okay I won’t make you. We find an approach that works for you.
  • A clear offer (coaching or service package) to promote to your audience

    • Including how to talk about it to attract clients, increase sales, overcome objections
    • Designed to convert but will be tested during our time together
  • Video walkthroughs for setting up technology

    • Basics on creating a website with Squarespace (if required)
    • How to create your calendar so people can book time with you and link it to your calendar management system (google calendar or iCal etc)
    • How to create an email opt-in with ConvertKit or Mailchimp
    • How to email your email list
    • How to create a content calendar and content creation plan

This does not include:

  • Instructions on Facebook Ads or other advertising (additional fees apply)

  • Creation of a Website or other technical stuff by me (additional fees apply)

The 6 Modules:

Check out what’s in all of the modules below. Click on a module to open it up and take a look at what we will cover.

Module 1: Get Your Messaging Right
    • Clients – Who they are / fears / desires
    • What makes you different
    • Transformation
    • How to write posts that get noticed
Module 2: Get Clear On Your Offer
    • What’s your product
    • Which product to choose first (or next)
    • How to productise your service
    • How to productise your coaching
    • What makes it effective
    • Product Creation Questions
Module 3: Your Effective Opt-in
    • Choose it Strategically
    • Examples
    • How to create it
    • How to set it up
    • Email Nurture Sequence
Module 4: Your Effective Content Strategy
    • How to Create a Strategic Content Plan that drives sales for your offer
    • Your unique content creation system that works for your personality and energy levels
    • How to automate / delegate
    • How to scale it up
    • Types of content
    • How to write more persuasive posts
    • Analysing your results, making adjustments
Module 5: Choosing Your Client Attraction Strategy
    • Simple Strategy Options
    • Live Video Strategy
    • Intense Content Strategy
    • Facebook Group Strategies
    • How to combine strategies
    • Advanced Strategy options: Challenges, Video Launches, Webinars, Automated Webinars, Email Systems
    • Choosing strategies that work for your unique personality and energy levels
    • Analysing your results, making adjustments
Module 6: Implementing and Setting up Your Client Attraction Strategy
    • Creating Content
    • Creating the Opt-in
    • Creating the Offer
    • Implementing the plan
    • Setting up the Technology
    • Testing and Monitoring Results

What else do you get?

  • Video Training for Each module (up to 1 hour)
  • Bonus Video Training on Setting up the Technology (details above)
  • Every 2 weeks, a 1.5 hour 1:1 consulting session with me to work out where you are up to, answer questions and break through blocks
  • Set office hours every 2 weeks to answer questions via email (during the weeks we don’t meet face to face)
  • Worksheets for modules including Content Calendars, Your Client Attraction Blueprint, The Clear Offer Map as well as reports and monitoring results
  • Access to my swipe files: actual examples of posts, content calendars, offers, Facebook Ads (additional fees apply)

Why Work With Me?

I have 9 years of experience in Online Marketing including everything from Content Marketing, through to Website creation and Facebook Ads, as well as creating Opt-ins and Doing Webinars, creating Videos, Photography etc.

I’ve coached over 100 business owners in how to take their business online.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. I offer options, you choose which strategy works for you, and then I help you test it and implement it.

I’ve achieved some amazing results for my clients (and business besties):

  • Created a Video for a Successful Kickstarter which received $40,000 AUD in funding (Video shot and edited by me)

  • Got 100 new leads in a month for a client with a $400AUD ad spend to people who had never heard of the business

  • Created an email list for a client to capture potential leads. Due to the high demand, It went from 0 – 300 people in 3 days and hit 1,000 people within a month

  • I helped a business owner get her first consulting client

  • Revived a failing launch so the business owner got 2 customers instead of 0

  • Grew a group of 150 people in 6 weeks from 0 using Facebook Ads to people who had never heard of me

  • Built a Membership from 0 – 100 in 6 months using a variety of offline and online strategies

  • Created a Viral Video 20,000 views in 12 hours

  • Helped a consulting client get 124 clicks on a Facebook Ad campaign to an audience who had never heard of her

  • Grown my service based business (Freelance Marketing) from $0 – $4,000 AUD / month in 9 months

  • Earned a client $2,500 USD in additional sales and ensured her workshop could go ahead by assisting with a Facebook Live

  • Helped a client get comfortable on camera in a matter of hours so that she could start doing daily live video in her Facebook Group

  • Helped a client increase sales by 10% and gain an industry partnership by giving her the confidence and skills to post on Facebook 

  • Prevented a client from getting her Facebook Ads account banned by fixing her Ad Copy

  • Got a client 12,000 video ad views per month at $0.02 / view to increase exposure and engagement for a 12 month period

  • Helped revived a failing launch with a new Facebook Live strategy for client

  • Adjusted a client’s opt-in strategy to ensure increased conversion from freebie to client

  • Helped client to monetize her YouTube channel with sponsorships

Here’s what people are saying about me:

Watch the testimonials above to get an idea of what it’s like to work with me.


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What’s this worth?

Imagine not only having a tested, setup client attraction system that you can turn on and off when you need it, but also the confidence you need to make it all work.

Not only that, but time for loved ones, hobbies, and you get to do what you love in your business: help people.

What about just taking time off without guilt?

Value $12,000 USD

My Price: $2,550 USD or $850 USD per month for 3 months

Payment plans available.

Want to throw in Facebook Ads Instructions and Strategy Training? 

Value $15,000 USD

My Price: $4,000 USD or $1000 USD per month for 4 Months

We work together for 4 Months instead of 3 months.

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