I struggle with social media as an Introvert and I’ve worked out why. I had an eye opening revelation after 9 years creating content for clients, employers, and my own business adventures.

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It’s always been a thing for me. A Constant hurdle I’d rather walk around and avoid instead of jumping over.

Don’t get me wrong, creating my regular content in batches works for me, but the idea of being on every channel and posting 5 times a day (or so it seems) – I have always struggled with that.

Having a thought and thinking – I should post that online. I put it in my ideas book for later… sometimes I get to it… sometimes I don’t.

For a long time I thought I was broken. I mean everyone else can do it. Why can’t I just DO IT?!?!

Then, I thought – maybe it’s my personality. And in part that seems to be true.

But here’s the revelation I just had about this…

As a person, I like to go deep on subjects I’m passionate about. For example, I have a new obsession with learning Chess… I’ve gotten right into researching how to play, the masters all the stuff…

This is what holds me back when it comes to social media… I mean posting every day…

It just doesn’t seem deep enough for me. It doesn’t light me up.

A bit like struggling through small talk, posting little tidbits every day just seems to forgetful.

I prefer quality over quantity. Which is why I do 3 pieces of content per week (one of those being a FB live).

And I try to make sure they are quality. I’m not a 2 line caption writer… it’s just not me (right now).

I like to connect and go deep with people. You won’t see too many cute little quotes on my feeds… they don’t light me up so much.

Is this bad? It’s not costing me clients, my business grows every month.

There are times when we need to work outside our comfort zone. This might be something that I tackle one day… but for now I’m happy where I am.

This is why I encourage my clients and everyone I talk to, to create content that works with your personality. Trying to work outside of that just feels wrong and people pick up on that.

If you’ve read this far, what are your thoughts about this? Do you believe in quality over quantity? Do you think there are things you do that suit your personality in your business?

Let me know below…

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