This is a continuation from a previous post – here are a few more weird things about me:

🔤I learned the alphabet from a keyboard, when computers were only in offices (before everyone had one). When my Kindergarten teacher tried to teach me lower case letters I told her she was wrong.

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🚩I lived and studied in Germany for a few months in 2012. I learned more German in 3 months than I had in 20 years of study before I got there.

📚My favorite novels of all time: Pride and Prejudice; Shogun; Magician; Daughter of the Empire Series

🤸‍♀️My husband and I are both introverts who had only dated extroverts before we met. Our first date was full of awkward silence and confusion as to why the other wasn’t talking. It’s a wonder we even had a relationship (it was a truly terrible date).

Now, I’d love to hear from you 👇 What’s something I should know about you. Let me know below👇

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