This Cautionary Tale from YouTube is another great reminder of the Risks of Relying on Social Media as your only way to attract clients.

Not Your Usual ‘They Changed the Algorithm’ Post

This week, I was watching a heartfelt plea from one creator to the company that controls his livelihood to address issues which he’d been battling for over 3 months.

Now this wasn’t a ‘poor me, they changed the algorithms’ type post…

This was much more disturbing..

There was a bug that was affecting him and many other creators that was preventing them from uploading new videos, replying to comments…

Broken for 3 Months With Zero Communication from YouTube

It was so bad that when they were logging in to their YouTube studio interface (the area where content creators upload and check analytics etc) it was pretty much a blank screen with nothing but a message saying ‘Ooops, it’s broken’

Now the creators found some work-arounds…but this definitely affected his ability to build community and grow his audience

And over 3 months of this?!?

With YouTube giving not much more than automated responses saying ‘we received your issue report’

The Big Risks of Relying on Social Media

A big eye opener as to the risks of relying on Social Media as your only way to attract clients.

They change the algorithms all the time and if they cut you off from your only way of generating income it’s a Huge Risk!

Why I teach a Different System of Attracting Clients

That’s why I help my clients to setup a system that doesn’t just rely on one way to attract clients.

A system that helps them build their own community over email and on platforms they own, so they have less risk and far more certainty.

Don’t get me wrong, we still use social media, but it’s not the only channel we use.

There’s nothing worse than having your livelihood in the hands of others.

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Let me know below, what do you think of social media? Is it your only way to attract clients?