Let me tell you about Leesa, who doubled her hourly rate. I can’t wait to share this amazing story from my Magnetic Marketing Meetups group.

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Before attending one of our weekly group sessions, Leesa was struggling with her prices.

She’d been consistently under charging her book design clients and had told us how she wasn’t looking forward to working on new projects because they were priced too low.

Have you ever been in that situation? Setting prices can be so hard, right?

At our last weekly meetup session (on zoom), as a group we were able to give Leesa tips and advice for increasing her hourly rate without fear.

She told us at the end of the session that ‘She’s doubling her rate and she feels great about it’

I could hear the relief in her voice. Especially, as we talked about the other benefits like working with less clients, being able to provide better service etc

Such a win, win for her and her clients.

That’s when I realised how powerful these weekly sessions were for everyone involved.

Leesa got some great help, but the rest of us on the call got to discuss our fears, issues and questions about setting our own prices.

Another participant, Fae, is re-thinking her packages so that she can better balance her personal styling services with her time.

Imagine if Leesa and Fae hadn’t attended that session?

Leesa might still be struggling and undercharging her clients.

Fae might be still offering the same packages and missing an opportunity to grow her business.

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