They doubled Their Investment with Me

Launch Coaching Testimonial | Be Journey Strong


Former Clients, Tracy & Jess (Be Journey Strong) talk about what it was like working with me and we went from zero clients to their first 4 clients in a group program. They doubled their investment in my Launch Coaching services and are about to launch again to grow their business even more.

They now have a repeatable system of attracting clients and growing their business!

Find out More about Tracy & Jess here:…​

Want a system for creating consistent income that suits your personality? Want to w launch your first online course or group program?

Beryl Hedger of Forever Yours Flowers (Melbourne, Australia and Worldwide) is a current and repeat client of mine for both Consulting and Services.

Beryl creates beautiful bespoke artificial Bouquets for Brides and Wedding Ceremonies. Plus, I’ve been assisting her to expand her business into Wedding Planning Courses.

Work for Beryl includes Marketing Campaign Strategy Consulting and Services. This includes Strategic Editing of Sales Page Copy, creation of a full Opt-in System including Messenger Bots as well as Full Facebook Ads Support, Creation and Oversight. Additional, Video Shoot and editing for promotional videos and strategy was also provided by me.

While working together since August 2019, Beryl’s business has grown and she has had to hire additional staff to keep up with growing demand.

Santy Chandran of MPower Movement (Brisbane, Australia) was a repeat client of mine for both photography and video services in 2016.

Santy runs her strength training business full-time from her home, where she works with Mums and specialises in post-natal strength training.

You can see details of my photography and video work for her in my Portfolio.

Nathan Axelsson of Regional Development Australia Northern Inland (RDANI), NSW (Armidale, NSW, Australia) is a current and repeat client of mine for Marketing Services.

I’ve worked with Nathan since June 2015, initially as an employee but then transitioned to Contractor basis (as my business expanded) in 2017 and continue to the present day.

RDANI is an Australian Incorporated Non-Profit (partially Government Funded) focusing on growing Jobs in a regional area.

Work for them has included Training Businesses in Starting Online Business, Strategically Running Social Media to grow a client base, Email Marketing, Building Websites, Creating Sales Pages and Funnels for additional projects. Additional Video Production and Editing services for various projects.

I came to know Tiff when I first joined the free workshops offered by Go Digital. She was very approachable and so easy to talk to.

When I started my website directory Happy Family Lifestyle, I had zero knowledge of WordPress, Mailchimp, email automations, how social media platforms work like Facebook advertising, and all technical sides of maintaining and marketing a website.

Tiff made these very informative step by step videos on how to build a website from scratch, and all other platforms that are needed to run the website and your business. The videos were so easy to understand and follow, and I have enjoyed learning new things with her. There was no question too basic for Tiff, which made me feel more confident asking her my super basic questions. She was literally my lifeline, always there ready to lend a helping hand when I fall into a dead end with my website. She’s taught me how to do mail automation on mailchimp, and guided me on how to correctly do my first Facebook advertisement. My website is still far from perfect, but Tiff has definitely helped me lay the foundations of a building a promising one.

Needless to say, without her, I wouldn’t have moved forward. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. You’re the best Tiff!

Cheryle Uy-Dahiroc

Owner / Director, Happy Family Lifestyle

I am feeling extremely lucky this week as I have immense support from a number of business people.

I want to say thank you to Tiff Gilleland who gave me some time to discuss the topic of how to help businesses with my set of skills.

I could barely keep up with writing notes down.

Not only did she help with ideas of how to reach out etc where information just flowed out but also clarifying what title I could use as a virtual assistant covers only a fraction of what I can do.

I am an implementation manager.

Your Right Hand Woman – Virtual Assistant

I feeling so grateful.

Thank you Tiff Gilleland

Donna Maree


I asked Tiff for some help in regards to a new Email marketing platform and without hesitation, she jumped on a zoom call with me (despite the 12 hour time difference) she walked through all the things I needed to make my campaigns actually work 😂 Tiff also helped me with all integrations I need to put in place! Super helpful, thank you so much!

Kim Cullen

Social Media Growth Specialist

“We are so grateful to Tiff of Tiffany G Studios for helping us achieve our goal of creating a business website.

It was the next logical step for us and a dream we had held for some time, but we needed someone with technical skill, marketing awareness, and the ability to capture our vision and help us achieve it.  Tiffany listened to really understand us and helped to clarify the outcomes we wanted, then we planned and worked together.

Tiff is a natural teacher, quietly passing on skills and concepts with patience and good humour, always encouraging.  What seemed almost impossible to us has been achieved by working with Tiff.

If you need marketing insights, if you’re technically challenged, or if it all seems a bit overwhelming, we’d recommend talking to Tiffany 🙂 ”


Greenhill Orchards

In 2017, I designed and implemented the Go Digital project, a series of face-to-face and online training modules teaching local entrepreneurs how to get their business online.

The course was designed for people with little technical knowledge and went through all of the software and online marketing how-to’s.

It involved me creating training videos each week as well as providing additional face-to-face coaching and support.

It grew to over 100 members in a six month period with minimal budget.

The materials are still available for free study, so if you’re looking for help and advice on the technical side of websites, social media, taking photos of products check it out here.

I really enjoyed working with Cheryl as she was so enthusiastic and eager to learn.

This testimonial has been included to show what it’s like when I teach or coach someone.

Even though I wasn’t coaching video in this instance, it does show you what it would be like to work with me in this capacity.

This was a Tiffany G. Studios project funded by Regional Development Australia Northern Inland.

What was I struggling with before we worked together?
I had three businesses to market: one new one and to rebrand the other two. There was far too much to do, not enough time, and I needed help with nutting out the order of what to do, as well as how deep to focus on with each step. Tiffany helped me prioritise the most important things to do now, and what could wait for a bit. This meant I could get loads done and not waste any time.
How did working together help me move forward?
I was confident that Tiffany had researched and understood my industry, as well as the direction I wanted to take. She help me take huge leaps forward by confirming my plans, and then tweaking them and the wording to be more effective. Am now much more confident in my abilities to implement Tiffany’s suggestions and guidance.
Jane Stavrinoudis

Online Piano Teacher

Tiff goes above and beyond with her clients. She certainly has with me. Like she says, when she’s in, she’s all in and gives 100% of her skill and expertise to help you market and grow your business.
Thanks to Tiff and her Magnetic Marketing Meetups each week, I’ve up levelled in multiple ways. I raised my prices by more than double after a huge internal battle with self-worth when it came to pricing. And what’s more, I’m getting prospective clients to accept my new bigger ticket price tags! It was a massive mindset shift that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Marketing Meetup crew.
I’ve also had hands-on critiquing and advice with copywriting and SEO for my new website.
I can’t speak highly enough of Tiff. She’s a giver and generous while still teaching you the value of setting sensible boundaries with your own clients. I’ve learned heaps and am looking forward to more personal uplevelling in the near future. And the Marketing Meetup members are all lovely people too! I truly enjoy our weekly conversations.
10/10 would recommend.
Leesa Ellis

Book Mentor and Creator

Praise – Other Work

The following is praise I’ve gathered for other work and projects in my roles in Communications, Marketing and IT Project Management. All of this work helped me gain skills in planning, organisation, marketing and communications which I use in my current work on a daily basis.

Unbelievable start! This is so excellent and well rounded I nearly fell off of my chair! Thank you. Particularly delighted over the strategy piece…I think you nailed it on the head. I am SUPER excited to discuss with you and get you going.

Peter Giordano

Former COO, The Arcanum

Tiffany has been and will be an asset to any organisation she works for. Smart, dedicated, self-starting and thorough are qualities of the ideal Project Manager, and displayed by Tiffany in abundance. Through such qualities, she earned the respect of her colleagues as well as her supervisor(s) and was an absolute pleasure to supervise when we worked together at UNE.

David Symons

Program Manager, University of New England

I would like to thank Tiff Gilleland for helping me put the final touches on my website. I had been stuck for the last few months on getting my wording and layout just write, so i decided to reach out to my friend for help. Tiff was able to put together a whole format for my website in no time and its perfect!! You truly are so talented, thank you so very much.

Tammy Cook

Tammy Cook Photography

Tiffany has been very useful in the creation of the content of the website of our company. We needed her contribution and her work was fast, neat and precise. She was a great collaborator and I will contact her for future work requirements

Rita Macchi

Former Co-Owner, Wedding Road