Portfolio – Video


Santy Chandran of MPower Movement runs a strength training business from her home.

She specialises in helping new mothers get fit and strong safely.

I wanted to give potential clients a sense of Santy’s personality, what it would be like to work with her, and an overview of her services.

Santy wanted people to feel uplifted and empowered when interacting with her brand.

The New England Rail Trail Kickstarter Video (2019)

Commissioned by Regional Development Australia Northern Inland, this video helped raise $40K in funding for the Local Rail Trail project (turning defunct railroad into cycleway).

Video was planned with the clients. Shot, edited and scripted by me (except where footage was supplied or taken from stock footage).

This training video was completed for the Go Digital project in 2017.

Go Digital was a government funded training series to help local entrepreneurs learn how to take their business online. The six month long training series was developed and delivered by me. It grew to over 100 members in six months.

This will give you an idea of my training video style for those who choose to do a course or 1 on 1 coaching with me.

Come On Shopping was a project I worked on in 2015 where we built a custom website directory for local businesses.

This video is an explainer video about the service and how it could be used by entrepreneurs in our region.

I produced and wrote the video, shot the screen capture as well as doing the final edit.

Animation was done by a colleague using Animoto.

This is an example of a software tutorial from the Go Digital project.

I’ve been doing software training videos for seven years, it’s how I started in video.

I don’t fully script my videos unless the client requires it. I do multiple run throughs so I know what buttons to press and where they are, then I hit record and start talking. This video was filmed using Canva, screen capture and editing software.

Creating content like this, can help people get to know you better as you showcase a different side of yourself and your personality.

Vivid is an annual Festival in Sydney celebrating light and sound. The whole city is decked out in these amazing light and sound installations and you can kind of tour them… with the rest of the city.

This video was designed to emulate the feeling of exploring the light and sound installations which were surprising and sometimes a little over-stimulating (for an introvert like me). This was a creative project and not an official video for Vivid.