“I’m afraid to get started. What if I get it wrong and have to re-do everything” These were the words spoken to me just last night.

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I hear this all the time from fellow entrepreneurs. Some Clients, some not.

I was once this person… until I changed my perspective.

Number #1: You can’t really make anything perfect, until you’ve put it out into the world and received feedback. Either in the form of words, or people paying for your offer (or not paying).

All of that is valuable data you can use. And you can’t get it by trying to perfect something at your computer before releasing it into the world.

It’s the mistakes and iterations that help us learn and learn faster, especially in business.

Don’t forget the story of the pottery class – split into two groups.

One group made one pot in 3 months (with maybe a prototype or two). The Second group made a pot every day for 3 months.

Who do you think had better pots at the end?

Yup – they daily potters. The iterations make you better.

In fact making mistakes makes you better. You learn more when you make mistakes!!

So don’t be afraid of them. And stop making everything perfect.

Imperfect Action is better than Perfect Inaction!!!

Is there something you are trying to make perfect that you could just put out into the world? Leave a link to it below so we can all cheer you on.