Business is a Marathon, not a sprint. For a long time in my business, I listened to the ‘gurus’ who told me if I really wanted my business to work, I’d put everything into it and make sacrifices.

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I thought, sure. I can sacrifice in the short term for my long term goals. So, I stopped visiting friends, cut out most of my hobbies and started working 12 hour days, 6 days a week.

When you believe that success can happen overnight, it seems like an easy choice, right?

12 months later, I was exhausted, miserable and not making enough money to stop working so hard.

I remember thinking, what’s the point? I was pretty burnt out and not enjoying life at all.

At that point, I was more miserable than when I’d been working in a 9-5 job.

That was a huge wake up call.

So, I started to change my thinking. If business is a marathon and not a sprint, shouldn’t I be enjoying it and my life along the way?

I started experimenting with different routines. I took a long hard look at my work so I could cut out the tasks that weren’t working.

I made some time for my hobbies, relationships and time without work (because breaks make you more productive & creative, guys!)

And then, my business started doing better. Probably, because I was happier and enjoying it more.

Also, I was focusing on the 20% of my tasks that got the 80% of results, too.

I invested in some help and my business grew as a result.

I talk about my top 3 tips for balancing life and work in this week’s video.

Before I took these steps, my business was in a consistent cycle of working hard until I was exhausted, taking a break, then starting all over again.

That doesn’t work well for consistency and reliability, which are essential to success.

If you’re on a similar path and looking for a different approach, then watch the video. I think it will definitely help.

Now I’d love to hear from you. How do you balance work and life, right now? Do you have your own top tips? Or do you think that you can live life once the money is coming in?

P.s. Please know, I don’t have this down perfectly. I still have weeks where it’s all work and not enough play, but it doesn’t last for 12 months now. The balance part, is I’m more aware and can make changes etc.

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