I’m embarrassed to say, for the longest time I ignored email marketing in my business.

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I always thought that emails would die out when there’s social media to be enjoyed.

All those brightly colored pictures and videos… I’m a visual person… how could email compete with that fast moving world??

I invested all my time on social platforms despite the changes that were happening to force me to pay for advertising.

And yet, email as a channel still goes strong. Did you know more people will buy from you on email than they will on social media?

4.29% of people will buy versus 1.81% of people purchasing on social media according to a Shopify study.

2.48% doesn’t sound like much, but when you start dealing with online courses or programs that can be thousands of dollars.

When you start launching, email is a much bigger part of the puzzle that leads to more sales.

Not that money is everything, think of how many more people that could impact.

How many extra lives changed. Even 1 extra person who gets to change their life for the better is worth it, to me.

So, I’ve spent some time learning the mystical arts of email marketing…

I’ve had three old crones pass on the secrets…

Wait… wrong story…

But sometimes email marketing has felt like that to me…

This big black cauldron full of stuff I didn’t get…

But, I persevered and now i’m passing on some of that knowledge..

Now, I’m finding email marketing fun… especially for me, as an introvert, I get to go deeper on subjects.

So that’s why, this week, I’ll be talking about growing your email list and why it’s worth your time.

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Now, tell me what are your thoughts on email marketing? Have you been avoiding it? Are you interested to learn more? What’s your biggest stumbling block? Let me know below.

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