The hardest lesson I ever learned (am still learning?) is that in most cases Less is More.

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I’d heard of the 80/20 rule (where 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities), but it took me far too long to work out what those 20% activities were.

And because I didn’t know what they were, I just kept trying to do it all!

Of course, then I burnt out. In fact I was on a cycle of over-work 👉 burnout 👉 rest 👉 start again

It didn’t do me or my business any favors.

People don’t respond too well to the on again / off again thing in business.

In life, actually.

It doesn’t build trust, that’s for sure.

Then I started tracking my time and which activities actually grew my business.

I don’t do anything just because ‘Everyone else is doing it’…

I experiment with what works for me and my business…

And then, I cut out the rest!

The biggest difference? It was learning to launch in an Easy and Fun way…

Suddenly, my business had repeatable systems for attracting clients and earning money.

Systems that were easy – inexpensive and didn’t require a big team of assistants.

Then, I could cut my hours back, stop working 12 hour days, spend time with my hubby… get back to my love of photography…

I was running my business – not my business running me.

Want to learn more about an easy and fun way to launch – send me a message and we can see how it would work for your business.

Let me know below – do you know the 20% of activities that actually get the best results in your business?