“I’m nervous about putting something out there. What if it doesn’t work?” – These were the exact words spoken to me by my client in our first session, today.

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We’re working together to launch her new online course, after 25 years in offline business, she’s now bringing it online, but that doesn’t come without some negative thoughts.

This feeling is totally normal in business. So much of what we do is outside of normal life.

Creating an offer, putting it out in the world, it’s definitely the stuff that triggers the old nerves…

And, it can be tempting to hide from it, stay in our comfort zone, not put anything new into the world…

I know the thoughts of ‘What if it doesn’t work’ stopped me from building my business for too long.

For me, it was easier to hide behind my 9-5 job rather than facing the prospect of failing at building my dream business.

If I hadn’t overcome my own fear of failure, I’d still be stuck in a 9-5 job, miserable, and not getting to work with amazing business owners who are impacting the world around them.

Right now, I get to work with entrepreneurs who are helping mothers with their children, women with their health, business owners with their business and more…

The impact and ripple effect of what I do lights me up so much. That’s a feeling I never had in my traditional 9-5 life.

So that’s why I had to dive into Fear of Failure in my video this week and help others with 3 amazing tips that helped me break open.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What have you achieved so far in your business despite thoughts of ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ Let’s celebrate and inspire each other together

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