As I’m preparing for a client photo shoot, I discuss my process for getting prepared for all the big things in business, which requires me to lie to myself on a regular basis.

This is a process that could be applied to a range of activities; client meetings, sales calls, filming videos. I’m an Introvert at heart so I need to be prepared before certain interactions, especially when I care so much about the outcome.

Yes, I talk about the usual you would expect: lists, checklists, how I psych myself up, what I tell myself to trick me into thinking it’s all no big deal.

There’s also the bonus story of Tiff’s car versus Traffic Cone, which is a real life story of a girl struggling in a small country town in the middle of a cold dark night – that I of course bring back to it’s metaphor for business – because that’s what you’re really here for, business not tales of stupidity and woe.

Click the triangle in a circle below to hear all about how this girl from the country still hasn’t risen to fame and fortune… yet!

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