This is one of my hardest entrepreneurial lessons learned: Past Performance Doesn’t Equal Future Success! And I’m not sure I’ve fully learned it yet, either. But I wanted to pass this on – because it’s so important for my fellow imperfect business owners, who’ve failed, who’ve made mistakes in the past!

You Learn More From Failure

Just because you failed in the past doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in the future!

In fact, those past failures should be celebrated.

Did you know that failing teaches you more than simply getting it right the first time?

If you rolled your eyes at that last statement, it’s likely you’re a perfectionist.

I was one, too, once upon a time.

My Failures Help My Clients

But then I had to start trying things and dealing with failure.

I learned to love failure in most areas.

Putting out new courses and products etc

I learned so much and I wouldn’t be able to help my clients without my failures.

But it can be easy to get caught up in past failures.

To think that the future success will never come…

Failure Leads To Success

Look at anyone who ever succeeded (whatever success means)

Achieved one of their long term goals I mean (this isn’t just about money)

When you really look at their history, you’ll see there were plenty of failures that happened before success.

The failed business ventures, failed product / service launches, even the investments that didn’t turn out as expected.

Failure Helps Us – Here’s Why?

Remember that past failure doesn’t equal future success.

And failure is awesome, because it teaches us everything.

Now I’d love to hear from you, how do you feel about past failures? Do they weigh on your mind or do you have great tips for leaving them in the past where they belong?

Let me know below 👇