‘What if you fail?’ Those words held me back for far too long. What if I launch and nobody buys? That thought alone had me stuck in my business for years (I’m a little embarrassed to admit it actually)

I’ve been working with some amazing entrepreneurs lately to help them break through fear of failure so they can launch their online course and group programs…

I wanted to share their stories and some great tips for busting through fear of failure and why it’s important to break through this block.

If I think of all the amazing things I might never have done if I let this fear keep me back…

I wouldn’t have clients, a business, I’d still be in a 9-5 job that I hated… I wouldn’t have been able to help business owners and make an impact in their businesses.

But, each time I break through this block, it comes up again! Recently, I had to break through it to run my Opt-in Workshops which was amazing for me and my participants. Such great feedback and I was so happy to help people… I would have missed all the community and connection from that experience.

Do you find yourself procrastinating or thinking ‘what if I fail’ when the big important things come up in your business?

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