Is your definition of success holding you back? I know you’re thinking this is just yet another entrepreneur talking about how ‘It’s not about the money’ but in today’s musings, I talk about my realisation that even though I think it’s not about the money – I should be focusing on my clients etc, that actually in my subconscious it actually has been about the money. It has become a huge block that has been holding me back.

When a friend invited me to speak to a bunch of soon to graduate University students about success and my career, my first thought was ‘I’m not successful’ even though I have a portfolio career that I love right now. I’m hitting all my definitions of success; work/life balance, work I love, time with family, enough income to cover everything. And yet, I had this sneaky thought, ‘I don’t earn enough money to be successful’.

Isn’t that crazy?

I talk a bit more about how I got it, something I call ‘The Failure State’ and my new approach to Goal Setting – that has come out of all of this self-reflection.

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