“I can’t launch yet, I need to grow my list first.” I hear this all the time and stay tuned because I’ve got some great news for you based on my own experiences.

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Not just my own, but also that of my clients.

Before I dive in to all the good stuff, remember that everyone started with 0 subscribers.

All the big names you know, all started at the same place.

Sometimes, a small list of people who love what you do, can lead to great results, like clients & course participants.

Here’s my story launching to a small list.

I spent a couple of months slowly growing a list to 300 people before I ran my Workshop Series on Opt-ins.

I had 30 people signup to join the workshops. A small but mighty group as I was to learn.

The small group created an amazing experience and it led to new clients and new members in my membership.

Straight-up it was not my 20K payday – but here’s the thing it was only a test run launch.

I now know what people want, what their objections are and that people do want to work with me.

It was a heck of a test run!

Just so you know, I’ve launched to bigger numbers and got zero sales…

So it’s not the size of your list that makes the difference. Do you have an offer they want, do you know how to connect and let people know how good it is?

I’m talking about all of this and more in this week’s video. All about launching with a small list.
We all have to start somewhere and I just wanted to let you know, you don’t have to wait as long as you thought you did.

If you want to know more about launching in a fun, easy and affordable way for your first launch message me so we can chat about a unique solution for your business.