Get the 10 Questions Worksheet! So you can Answer these Essential Questions and get a Rock Solid Idea that helps you Stand Out From the Crowd

Opt-ins or Freebies… they can drive you crazy am I right?

First, you have zero idea… then too many. Maybe you’re overthinking it?

Or, you had the perfect idea but then you talked yourself out of it. Perhaps telling yourself it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.

If you’re not careful weeks or months can go by and there’s no new opt-in and the email list isn’t growing.

Well, now I’m here to help. After 9 years working in online marketing, I am sharing the process I use to create Opt-ins that truly help people.

I have 10 Questions that I use for myself and my clients to really help me get in the head of my (and my clients’) audiences and create something unique and memorable. An Opt-in that builds a relationship that leads to sales.

I’ve experienced massive success: 300 sign-ups in 2 days leading to 3,000 in a few weeks. And massive failure… nothing but crickets (0 signups).

This video is worth the time to help you get unstuck and crafting that magnetic opt-in. You know, the one that has people saying ‘Heck Yes! I need this now!’ Before quickly typing their email address and hitting the submit button.

Don’t forget the PDF that goes with the video, So you can start filling out your answers and getting that rock solid idea for your next Opt-in:

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10 Questions to Answer Before You Create Your Next Opt-In

Get the 10 Questions Worksheet so you can Answer these essential questions and get a Rock Solid idea that helps you stand out from the crowd.