What if you threw out the rule book and tried something different in your business? This is what we’ve been discussing in my Magnetic Marketing Meetups group.

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For some of us it’s impossible to do ‘all the things’. We have a life, maybe health stuff is a concern, definitely family commitments or day jobs can mean that it’s impossible to do everything ‘they’ tell you – to grow your business.

Sometimes it’s impossible to be on every social channel. Emails can be too much and we have to focus on the important things.

What tasks in your business actually get you the biggest results?

What if you stopped following all the ‘gurus’ and just focused on those few things?

In my group, I’ve been granting people permission to break all the rulez like I’m their fairy godmother…

I remember the relief when I was able to just cut things off my to-do list and block out all the thoughts of ‘shouldn’t i be posting every day?’ and ‘but what about the email newsletter?’

Now we’re having some fun discussions about what we can keep, what can be cut out for good and how to run a business when your time is limited.

Stay tuned for updates from our members and see how far breaking the rulez gets them…

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