When it comes to finding clients, every Guru on the planet has an answer…

You’ve heard them all, you’ve tried some of them and nothing has worked. 

But, what if we threw out all the annoying ‘Marketing Speak’ and were just real people for a second?

What if you could be yourself, have fun and attract clients to you?

So that you don’t have to stress out about ‘Finding Clients’ and can get back to doing what you love.

You know, the whole reason you got into this business in the first place?

So that you could help people! 

Whether it’s coaching them to an awesome new life, consulting or providing an amazing service that solves a problem.

I want to get you back to doing more of that and less worrying about where to find your next client or how on earth you’re going to pay the bills this month.


Because, a long long time ago, I was you.


I struggled with this very same thing as a Shy Introvert lacking in confidence.

Let’s rewind 20 years. I was in the earliest days of my career and I’d landed a job as a Travel Consultant.

Only problem was, I hated ‘sales’.

I didn’t want to be that cliched ‘Salesperson’ that everyone hates.

I was shy and awkward and not surprisingly, I didn’t make that much money despite my 12 hour days and a passion for travel.

At the time, I thought ‘Sales aren’t my thing’ So I transitioned into other work. 

Through the next decade I worked in the IT sector and in 2011, I transitioned to marketing.


The whole time though, I had this dream at the back of my mind. 


The dream… photography by me…

To own my own business. It’s a dream I had since my parents opened a multi-million dollar computer shop when I was 9. (On a total side note – they made it look so easy).

In 2015, I decided to turn my passion for photography into a business..

It was my passion, why not, right?

Only problem was, I still struggled with sales and finding clients.

It’s really hard to have a profitable business without clients and income.

But, because I still had a day job I wasn’t pressured to sort this out fast.

Eventually, I put the pieces together. I took some courses

I pivoted my business once or twice, too.

Then, I found what works for me.

My unique strengths as an Introvert.

Also, what I needed to do to work in with my personality and my lifestyle.

I guess that sounds weird.

What does lifestyle and personality have to do with attracting clients?


So much more than you realize.

Because, if you’re stressed out, then you won’t get clients.

If you don’t have enough time, you won’t get clients.

If the right things aren’t being done in your business, you won’t get clients (or referrals).

AND One solution DOESN’T fit all!

That’s where I’m different to the other ‘Gurus’.

Well, for starters, I’m not a guru. But, I have done it the slow and hard way.

I help you to create a system of attracting clients that works for you. Your personality. Your lifestyle.

I help you to confidently attract clients by being yourself, and to have fun doing it.

Because, that’s what helps me to attract clients into my business.

I have fun. I’m myself and people can’t wait to work with me and pay me what I’m worth.


I have a system of client attraction that means if a client needs to move on, that’s fine. There is always someone new ready to work with me to fill the gap. 

I enjoy getting on Strategy Calls with people and I no longer break out into a cold sweat at the idea of talking to a stranger.

I love what I do, but I remember how hard it was at the beginning.

How every call was stressful.  A make or break situation.

If they didn’t work with me, I would never get out of my day job.

If they said ‘No’, then I’d be depressed for days, sometimes weeks thinking I wasn’t good enough to be an entrepreneur.


That’s why I do this work.


I am the person that I wish I had found in the beginning of my business.


Someone, who could see my strengths and help me confidently embrace them.

Rather than ‘Gurus’ who kept telling me that what made me ‘Me’ wasn’t good enough and wouldn’t work and I had to be more like them. 

Are you sick of being told to be someone else to get clients?

Do you want to create a system of client attraction so that you can feel confident, know the bills will be paid and finally get a good night’s sleep?

If you think we’re a good fit, then why not click below to book a Free Strategy Call.

More about me and how I got here

 Hi, I’m Tiffany Gilleland or Tiffany G.

Hi, I’m Tiffany Gilleland or Tiffany G. which is just easier to read and remember.

I did not have a straight-line trajectory to where I am right now; on the other side of this web-page typing away.

You might have seen the image below floating around on Facebook or somewhere. This is my dramatic re-creation – only it’s not about success… because I view success very differently to most.

It is a representation of my life; especially my career.



My Unconventional Life

I have done a lot of different things, had a lot of varying experiences. I am constantly chasing the next challenge or the next adventure. I love experiences, but it’s hard to write a short story of how I got here, because I’ve tried many different things, before I landed here; in a business that encompasses so many of my passions.

Without all of these different experiences, I wouldn’t have built the skills that allow me to create this business; teaching and coaching female entrepreneurs how to attract clients with Online Events.

So I’m going to try the ‘Here’s 15 things about me, my life, my career so far’ type approach. Consider it the Cliff-notes version.


number1I’m Creative now, but I wasn’t always. When I was a kid, an art teacher told me I wasn’t creative enough. So I believed her and thought that’s who I was, for decades. Up until 7 years ago I had settled into a career as an IT Project Manager where the most creative part of my day was deciding on the % complete number in the status report; is that 90% or 95% complete… a tad subjective


number2I watched my parents build a multi-million dollar business selling computers right before my eyes when I was 10 years old (late 80s). Since then, I’ve always wanted to have my own business but I never knew in what. I took classes at University and highschool that would lead me to that goal. My parents and I would discuss business strategy at the dinner table while I was growing up. I had a lot of ideas for businesses during my 20s but often talked myself out of it – usually out of fear but I didn’t know it then.


number3 I was born and raised in Australia, but we moved every two years; either within Sydney or completely across the country. When I was barely 17 I moved 2,000kms away to go to University in a small town called Armidale; halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, which has been my home base (on and off) for most of the last 20 years.


number4If you want me to do something; tell me I can’t do it. When I was in highschool my father told me I’d never get into University; so I turned around and got accepted into 2 of them – (turns out I also fall for reverse psychology but thankfully 16 year old me never cottoned on to that). A friend told me that I shouldn’t bother learning German as a second language because I’d never be very good – so I studied harder, traveled to Germany to study and achieved my goal of having whole conversations in a second language – (I don’t speak it so well these days though).


number5I met my Husband 17 years ago through mutual friends. He physically bounced when he met me and offered me chocolate. It was love at first sight and I became mute with shyness for the next 3 months. Hubby, who is more introverted than I, thought he’d met a wonderful quiet girl – he claims he was conned, because I never stop talking now 😛


number6I am an Introvert with these weird Extroverted moments. Since I started tackling my fear of being in front of the camera, my confidence has grown in other areas of my life and suddenly I feel the need to fill awkward silences, often with bad jokes, in my day job.



number7I have a profitable service based business. I work for a variety of clients locally and around the world in Online Marketing. I work for Not-for-profits and private businesses where I’m usually the only person with marketing expertise. I can be working on anything from upgrading a website, through to creating content, working on Facebook Ads, writing an email campaign, creating photos and videos. I have a wide range of skills.  In 2017, I completed a project teaching over 100 local entrepreneurs how to start an online business.



number8I love to learn… and teach… and help people. When it comes to business, marketing, photography, creative writing, communications, video production, creativity, and certain areas of psychology – I just can’t get enough. I often spend far too long reading up on these areas, taking courses and then putting what I learn into action.



number9I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree where I majored in Marketing and Management Information Systems (meaning systems, processes, IT). I also graduated with a Master of Arts in Media and Communications in 2019.



number10Since 2011, I have been on a quest to change my life and work out what success and happiness mean to me. I started with small areas of creativity like knitting and sewing, then Hubby bought me a camera where I delved into video production, editing and photography. I also transitioned my day job from IT to Marketing and Communications work where I get to create videos for a variety of purposes; teaching, promoting, educating, and entertaining. To me, success is having the courage to try, failing and then still moving forward. Happiness is a decision and comes from gratitude.


number11I often end up in teaching and mentoring roles. When I was a kid I taught adults how to use computers. After University, I moved to South Korea to teach English. As a project manager, I not only trained and mentored new staff but also taught Project Management in a staff development course at the University. In my day job I teach entrepreneurs with minimal computer skills how to startup their business online. Being able to break down something complex, into easily digestible chunks for people who are new to a subject area is something I enjoy doing. Seeing someone go from confused to lighting up once they understand something is an amazing feeling.


number12I have had some amazing opportunities to build my skills. In 2013, I worked (as the 30ish year old intern) on a children’s TV show filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney (Magical Tales on GO Channel for the Aussie readers), where I gained experience doing everything from coffee runs, to making props in the Art Department, helping set up the sets and having props on hand during filming… then I discovered my love of editing when they let me into the editing suite.


number13I spent a year interning for the photography equivalent of Marie Forleo. From 2014 – 2015 I had the amazing experience working as an Intern for photographer Trey Ratcliff’s business; The Arcanum. I was one of the first 100 students accepted. A little later, when they advertised some positions available I immediately applied and talked my way into a job. It was one they created for me in running their social media and being a part of their weekly YouTube show. Trey Ratcliff, has a significant following on his personal channels (millions of followers) and does talks at Google and TED etc. I also got to meet Trey in person at a lunch. I was so nervous he had to ply me with wine to get me talking. He revealed he was also an Introvert and that opened my eyes to a whole range of new career opportunities.


number14I have been in love with storytelling since I was a kid. Either buried in a book or watching films from a variety of genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction (except horror – that freaks me out). The stories we tell each other to understand this world of ours fascinate me. The stories we tell ourselves about our world and our role in it can either create or destroy lives. The power of storytelling for your business is the biggest secret sauce I can help anyone with.



number15My Introverted nature helps me communicate more powerfully. Instead of thinking all ‘me, me, me – I have to be visible’ – I focus on the person I can help and how I can help them get unstuck. This is my strength to create a strong connection and relationship with my ideal client. And a strength I want to help you with.



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