No – you don’t have to dye your hair pink and yell ‘Look at me! See, over here! Me! I do business’

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As an Introvert you can subtly weave your personality into your business. Best part – all the skeletons in your closet can stay there… smokin’ cigars…

Before I start, I know that this is a work in progress for me. I bet if you check in on me in 6 months time this will be more noticeable than it is now. 

Some context: I help people attract clients either with consulting (advice and strategy) or with services where I can be strategizing and creating content or building web pages, ad campaigns, or helping with launches.

Right now I’m writing this after a 2 day video shoot for a client to get strategic promo videos for launching a course.

Here’s 1 thing I’m doing to show my personality to my potential clients: Making weird jokes… (like the cigars reference above)

When I started my business I used to think weird things while creating content. I’d never write it because I figured no one would get it and then they wouldn’t read it. But, if my content sounds like everyone else’s why would anyone read mine? It’d be bland and boring. 

So now… no overthinking it! I’m adding in weird jokes. I can be the weird joke girl. The people who get it will get it. Plus, it’s so much easier to create content not trying to censor myself or wonder ‘What will they think of that’…

I can just be me!

Now tell me, my fellow Introverts – what’s one way you Could Be weaving your personality into your business? Are you already doing something awesome? Let’s start sharing the ideas below.

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